2015 Scholarship Recipients

Nusaiba Mubarak

N. Mubarak i

Nusaiba, a senior, in a dual degree program to earn a BA and MA in Sociology in the College of Arts and Sciences enrolled in the GSU – Turkey and the Middle East program!

Nusaiba ventured on an unforgettable 14-day journey to examine Turkey’s increasingly central role in the new Middle East emerging in the aftermath of revolts against dictatorships in the region. During her trip, she visited three cities in Turkey: Istanbul, the largest city and commercial hub, Ankara, the capital, and Gaziantep, a historical mid-sized city in southwest Turkey.

Her study abroad program had a unique think-tank approach and was composed of two courses, Political Science and Religious Studies, worth 6 credit hours.

Please see below for Nusaiba’s reflection essay.

Nusaiba Mubarak – KECS – Turkey 2015


Kashif Molwani

K. Molwani

Kashif, a sophomore, working towards a BBA in Pre-Finance and Pre-Computer Information Systems in the J. Mack Robinson College of Business and enrolled in the GSU – International Business and Marketing in North Africa: Morocco and Tunisia program!

Kashif embarked upon a 12-day journey that offered opportunities for cultural interaction in the local cities including Casablanca, Marrakech, Tunis, and Hammamet. During his trip, he visited the Museum of Moroccan Art, a former 17th century palace, Coca-Cola Office and U.S. Commercial Services Building in West Consulate, the fabled town of Sidi Bou Said and much more.

The culture-rich study abroad program was designed for business students. Program participants received 6 credit hours towards an International Business or Marketing course.

Please see below for Kashif’s reflection essay.

Kashif Molwani – KECS – Morocco 2015