2016 Scholarship Recipients

Amanda Cinquemani


Amanda Cinquemani is a senior and Interdisciplinary Studies major who enrolled in a three week program to Oman with the Center for International Learning.

During her trip, Amanda was immersed in an intensive Arabic program. With 20 classroom hours per week of instruction in conversation (Modern Standard Arabic), grammar, media, and reading/writing and 10 additional hours, 6 of which are in Omani dialect, and 4 of which are in extra-curricular activities including academic lectures, seminars, review sessions, and cultural activities that enhance the Arabic curriculum, making a total of 30 contact hours per week.

Please see below for Amanda’s reflection essay.

Amanda Cinquemani – KECS – Oman 2016


Leila Collins


Leila Collins, a junior and Pre-Managerial Sciences major, spent two weeks on the “Business Mediterranean Style: Study Abroad in Greece, Hungary & Austria” program studying cross-cultural business and legal differences through the lens of economic, political, legal, social and cultural facets.

The program is designed for students studying business and law to explore and study firsthand the experiences and perspectives of managers and legal professionals from the Danube to the Mediterranean. While traveling between Athens, Budapest and Vienna, Leila had the opportunity to interview managers, lawyers, and others, thus adding significant dimension to a study abroad program. Emphasis was placed on understanding and applying management and legal/ethical principles in the cross-national context.

Please see below for Leila’s reflection essay.

Leila Collins – KECS – Mediterranean 2016



Mariam Slaibi


Mariam Slaibi, a junior and Social Work major who is also in the dual degree Bachelors/J.D. program, ventured on a month-long Arabic immersion program in Jordan with the Ali Babi International Center.

The Ali Baba International Center is a full-member affiliate of the prestigious International House Organization (IHWO), which is one of the largest and oldest groups of language schools in the world. Mariam’s program consisted of language courses, comfortable accommodation and rich extracurricular activities. The language courses were also supplemented by cultural and social activities, and guided-tours to the major tourist attractions of Jordan.

Please see below for Mariam’s reflection essay.

Mariam Slaibi – KECS – Jordan 2016