Kortney Easterly Cosmopolitan Scholarship 

Since 2015, we have awarded nearly $5K in scholarships to help send nine students on study abroad programs all over the world including Turkey, Morocco, Oman, Greece, Hungary, Austria, Jordan, Argentina, Dominican Republic and Jamaica!

The scholarships are funded with the support of family, friends, fellow alumni, colleagues and world travelers as a means to continue the tradition of providing life-altering international experiences for students at my alma mater.

We will begin accepting applications in Fall 2018 for the 2019 scholarships .

What inspired you to create this scholarship?
My first time leaving the U.S. was during the 2011 USG Summer Study in China program. I spent five weeks traveling between Beijing, Zhengzhou, Xi’an, Luoyang and Shanghai. Three of those weeks were spent as a transient student at Zhengzhou University. My study abroad experience not only changed my life, but most importantly changed my outlook on life. Experiencing a foreign culture first-hand allowed me to form memories and build relationships that will last a lifetime. My program exposed me to different ways of life and taught me tolerance and appreciation for other cultures. I was fortunate enough to study abroad due to the financial assistance of loved ones. My global journey resonated with me academically, professionally and personally and inspired me to create this scholarship to give the gift of travel to others.

In June 2014, I asked my closest friends and family to help me celebrate my 25th birthday (June 30) by donating to a study abroad scholarship I established with Georgia State University. Each year during the month of June, I enlist in the help of my family, friends, colleagues, peers and fellow GSU alumni to contribute to a one-of-a-kind initiative through this scholarship. Studying abroad was a life-altering, enlightening experience and one that I wish for everyone. My goal is to help positively impact others for many years to come!

What was the outcome of the fundraisers from 2014-2016?

Over the course of three years, more than 150 amazing people donated close to $4,500 toward scholarships.

How many students apply for the scholarships?
We typically have around 150 applicants each year.

Can you tell me about the students who have been awarded the scholarships?

2018 Awardee:
Michaela Davis, a junior and Biological Science major, embarked upon on a clinical internship in Athens, Greece this past May.

2017 Awardees:
Taylor Beaver, a senior and philosophy major, spent nearly three weeks on her “Human Rights in Argentina” program in May. 

Lizbeth Rangel, a junior and public policy major with a concentration in nonprofit leadership, spent two weeks on the “Service Learning: Connecting Classroom Learning to Local and Global Experiences” program examining the political, educational, sociocultural, and economic factors that contribute to the various issues within the Dominican Republic.

Shevanie Singh, a senior and interdisciplinary studies in human learning and development major, spent a week on the “Jamaica Cultural Immersion in Education” program exploring the political, educational, sociocultural, and economic factors that contribute to the various issues within the Jamaican educational system.

2016 Awardees:
Amanda Cinquemani, a senior and Interdisciplinary Studies major, embarked upon on a three-week GSU program, Clinical Internship in Athens, Greece.

Leila Collins, a junior and pre-managerial sciences major, spent two weeks on the “Business Mediterranean Style: Study Abroad in Greece, Hungary & Austria” program studying cross-cultural business and legal differences through the lens of economic, political, legal, social and cultural facets.

Mariam Slaibi, a junior and social work major, is currently on a month-long Arabic immersion program in Jordan with the Ali Babi International Center.

For more information about Amanda, Leila and Mariam’s trips, click here.

2015 Awardees:
Nusaiba Mubarak, a senior and sociology major, spent an unforgettable 14 days on the “GSU – Turkey and the Middle East” program, where she examined Turkey’s increasingly central role in the new Middle East emerging in the aftermath of revolts against dictatorships in the region.

Kashif Molwani, a sophomore and pre-Finance and pre-computer information systems major, embarked upon a 12-day journey with the “GSU – International Business and Marketing in North Africa: Morocco and Tunisia” program.

For more information about Nusaiba and Kashif’s trips, click here.

Where can I see photos from the students trips?
Please visit our Facebook page. We have albums with photos there!